Charlie Harris

FRESH: ‘No Pressure’ – Charlie Harris

There’s “No Pressure” from Charlie Harris!

by Christopher Smith

“No Pressure” marks a big step towards a more heart on sleeve, pop-oriented sound for Charlie Harris. “It’s about the energy one can feel when they are ready to love again; the light at the end of a long tunnel of healing. It’s a great feeling being ready to get back out there and put your heart on the line after you’ve been hurt, even though you know things might not go perfectly” Charlie tells us.

“At least you’re excited and finally ready to give romance a real chance again. This track is more organic than my previous work, and I can’t wait to continue down that path and start performing live!” he adds. This is Charlie’s first time working alongside some fantastic co-writers and producers, Jeff Daye and Lloyd Kikoler. With more yet to come! A native of North Carolina, Brooklyn-based Charlie Harris spent four years exercising the left half of his brain advocating for space exploration in Washington, D.C.

After releasing a few songs to friends and family on Soundcloud, he took a year off to refine his sound, move to New York City, and find himself as an artist. Charlie’s unique brand of electropop evokes a paradoxical sense of hope born out of darkness. Listeners experience eerie yet encouraging sounds of futurism paired with lyrics meant to push boundaries and expand horizons. Charlie creates relatable tracks with deeper meanings, toeing the lines between pop and electronic dance music.

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