FRESH: ‘The More You Wanna (Break Up)’ – Evenson

Evenson asks “The More You Wanna (Break Up)”.

by Christopher Smith

With no-frills honesty in his lyrics and an endearing delivery Evenson Andre feels like the kid next door you never saw without headphones on. For a 21 year old first generation Haitian American who’s fluent in French Creole, he’s got the bedroom pop thing suspiciously dialed. Thanks to his affinity for Charli XCX, Augustine, Lorde and his internalization of the rhythmic delivery of hip hop artists like Kid Cudi, his debut single “The More You Wanna (Break Up)” delivers a blend of these elements in a fresh sound that is unique to Evenson alone, filling a void in the left-of-center world of pop.

“This song is a feeling of loving someone who is incapable of loving you. You try to move forward in the relationship only to be held back. It’s a juxtaposition and almost funny ironic feeling that the love you give out only leads you to be hurt in the end; so you hurt, hurt, and hurt inside with no one to turn to because you fear of losing them entirely. This song comes from the standpoint/perspective of being in the relationship, being done with the relationship, and moving on from the relationship. It’s a story that an entire generation can grativate towards. In the end it’s still love”.

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