The song, “Run”, was originally recorded by Snow Patrol in 2004

“Run” was written and performed by the group Snow Patrol for their third studio album “Final Straw” in 2003. The song was released as the second single at the beginning of 2004 and became their breakout single, reaching No.5 in the UK (where it has sold over 600,000 copies) as well as making the top 40 across Europe and No.15 on the US Modern Rock Tracks chart. The video was made “very cheaply” in a woodland in Essex and has currently received over 47million views on YouTube.

Singer Leona Lewis performed the song for a one-off session she was playing in 2007 and went on to record it for an expanded edition of her debut album “Spirit”, released the following year. She released “Run” as a single at the end of November and took it to No.1 in the UK, where it has equalled Snow Patrol’s version for sales of 600,000 copies. her version also went to No.1 in Austria, Ireland and Portugal as well as a showing on the US singles chart at No.81. Her video for “Run” has over 120m YouTube views!

But which version is the best? SNOW PATROL’s original or LEONA LEWIS’ cover?

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