Tidal Babes

FRESH: ‘OMG’ – The Tidal Babes

The Tidal Babes prepare to release their debut EP. OMG!

by Christopher Smith

‘Cool waves, good music and fun times on a warm California day’. That’s the idea behind Los Angeles based dirty beach-pop band Tidal Babes. “OMG” is a track from their debut EP which is coming out at the beginning of December. Singer Lyndsi Austin and songwriter/producer Chris Qualls (Concord Music Publishing/Cutcraft Music Group) were attending a concert in Hollywood when they started discussing a potential new project together. Both grew up playing in rock bands but had switched over to making pop music for years.

That night, inspired by the rock show they had just seen (and a little bit of whiskey), the two began brainstorming the foundation for a new band that combined all the things they loved about Southern California and it’s musical history; Surf rock guitars; The energy of Orange County punk rock; Beach Boys harmonies; The sassiness of the east LA socialites and fashionistas; Cruising down Sunset Boulevard. Both were excited about the possibilities and decided to head back to Echo Park for a late night songwriting session at Qualls’ studio. When they got in to the studio, Qualls pitched an idea that ended up becoming the core concept behind the Tidal Babes songwriting process: writing each song in under an hour.

As a professional songwriter, Qualls spends most of his time overanalyzing every detail of the pop songs he works on daily – so instead, he wanted to capture the energy, fun and immediacy for this project. Austin was open to the idea and loved that it would keep everything fun and light. The two then spent the next 45 minutes writing the song “Do You Wanna Come Over?”. The next morning Qualls sent the demo over to drummer Danny DeLeon of seminal LA dance punk band Moving Units. DeLeon loved the track & band concept and was excited to play drums for the group, and Tidal Babes was officially born.

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