Ace Buchannon

FRESH: ‘Come Alive’ – Ace Buchannon feat. Anna Moore

Ace Buchannon “Come(s) Alive”!

by Christopher Smith

If your a fan of NewRetroWave, then you’ll love this. Producer Ace Buchannon has teamed up with US singer Anna Moore for his thrilling new single “Come Alive”!

“It’s about taking that difficult but tempting step to get out of a bad situation in your life”, Ace tells us. “The exceptional R&B vocalist Anna Moore really nails it with her retro inspired, powerful vocals. Refreshingly in the genre she is the first African-American vocalist. Phenomenal saxophonist Ilya Skibinsky delivers that ’80s sounding dreamy sax. This is a collaboration of three individuals from different parts of the world, who were on the same frequencies and put their hearts into the song” he laments.

Ace Buchannon (Vesa Tamminen), a synthwave artist from Helsinki, Finland combines modern production techniques with vintage synthesizer sounds to bring the naive passion of the ’80s into modern electronic music. His tracks feature saxophone, guitars and different vocalists. The end result is a playful, emotional and passionate mix of lush reverb and dreamy soundscapes. He was born in the ’80s and plans to live until the 2080’s and make ’80s sounding music in between! Bring it on!

For more about Ace, check out his BANDCAMP page and his FACEBOOK page

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