Zoë Ferguson

FRESH: ‘Beg For Me’ – Zoë Ferguson

Zoë Ferguson returns with “Beg For Me”.

by Christopher Smith

Zoë Ferguson – who we featured earlier this year with her single “Medicine” – is a singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon. Zoë is a senior in high school and has been writing pop music for the last three years. “Beg For Me” is her third single. Zoë loves writing top line and feels most at home behind her piano. Zoë says of her songs: “I want people to hear my music and relate to the words”.

Zoë began writing songs a few years back as a way to cope with high school experiences and breakups. Her father, musician/singer Bart Ferguson, is a familiar performer in the Portland music scene where Zoë grew up with music and songwriting in her blood. Teaching herself piano, Zoë self-recorded and uploaded some of her tunes to SoundCloud, which launched her journey as an original artist.

After she was chosen to participate in Atlantic Records’ EMERGE program, Zoë continued to develop her unique voice, recording demos in a studio where her passion for performance and composition only grew. With the help of professional producers her sound came to life, and at age 17, her first single as an independent artist, “Dip”, proudly showcases her talents as a singer/songwriter. Zoë’s third single “Beg For Me” is out now and she can’t wait to release more! Stay tuned!

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