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FRESH: ‘Lesson Learned’ – Sophia Gripari

Sophia Gripari returns, “Lesson Learned”!

by Christopher Smith

“Lesson Learned” is Sophia Gripari‘s first single release that she has produced herself. The song is about finding yourself in a situation where you finally realise that you are in a toxic relationship and that you have to stop putting the other person before yourself at your own expense. After describing the weight that the other person has imposed, the chorus portrays a moment of liberation as the production really takes off.

Growing up playing various instruments, Sophia developed a solid musical foundation from a very young age. Testing the water and delving into numerous genres from the start set Gripari on the right path towards making the music that she is releasing today. She is a London born, now USA based singer/songwriter, producer and multi instrumentalist, focusing primarily on her voice, songwriting, guitar playing and electronic digital instrument skills. She was introduced to the London music scene at a young age, playing local live music venues to showcase her original, acoustic based music, including the iconic Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club.

It was only after the release of her debut album that she discovered her love for electronic music, studying the likes of Oh Wonder, Panama, Grey and Filous, to name a few. Soon after, she began performing solo shows in both Boston and New York, previewing her upcoming electronic music. She incorporates electronic production and live instrumentation in her performances, primarily using the Ableton Push and other MIDI controllers to create a full sound and an exciting atmosphere for her audiences. She is currently working on producing her own music and collaborating with other producers and writers to release more material following the release of her first two singles.

Her latest, original music is electronic based pop with upbeat tempos and R&B influenced melodies. Not only does she demonstrate sound design and innovative, interesting synth sounds with pop and dance influenced drum beats in her music, but her lyrical content is also very important and something that she is determined to prioritize in her upcoming releases.

Stay in touch with Sophia through her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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