EVERY UK NUMBER ONE SONG: ‘Confessin’ (That I Love You)’ – Frank Ifield

What was the number one song in the UK on 18th July 1963?

By Hayley Beasley Dye

Frank is back with Confessin’ (That I Love You), which hit the top spot for 2 weeks.

I thought, I really thought we’d seen the back of Frank, but no. Here he is again, like some kind of relentless troll gaining yet another number one. Did people of the 60s really think this song was so great it deserved to sell better than any other song that was around at that time? Hey, maybe if I was alive in 1963, I may have thought it was groovy stuff too. However, in 2019, I can confirm that it is not.


I’m confessin’ that I love you tell me do you love me too
I’m confessin’ that I need you honest I do
Need you every momentIn your eyes I read such strange things
Must your lips deny they’re true
Will your answer really change things
Leaving me blue

I’m afraid some day you’ll leave me
Saying can’t we still be friends
If you do you know you’ll grieve me
For all in life on you depends

Am I guessing that you really love me
Dreaming dreams of you in vain
I’m confessin’ that I love you
Over again

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