Monopoly Loser

FRESH: ‘Cold Waves’ – Monopoly Loser

Monopoly Loser releases “Cold Waves”.

by Christopher Smith

“Cold Waves” is the second single of the independent dream pop singer, Monopoly Loser. It’s a heartbreak story supported by easy but sensitive lyrics that tell the audience a story of a relationship that has no future. In his own dreamy universe, Monopoly Loser invites his audience on a trip to his dreams, regrets and life experiences.

Previously participating in a band doMANi, Erik Deák (Monopoly Loser) started his music career by singing and toplining electronic pop songs. The band released few singles and participated in various competitions and festivals. In 2013 the band members decided to split up and pursue solo careers.

A solo project of independent singer, songwriter Erik Deák (Monopoly Loser), originally coming from Ukrainian/Hungarian background, based in Liege, Belgium, he released his first single High in December 2018. Through a synth pop, light piano melancholic sound he spoke to the listeners about his nostalgia for childhood and how dreaming was easier when he was a child.

After releasing High, the singer recorded a couple of more self written songs, but decided to take a break until he felt ready. In the meantime performing on different stages with High and covers of Lana Del Rey, Iyeoka and Axelle Red, he introduced a dark and dramatic pop sound to his music.

His next emotional single “Cold Waves” is going to be released on December 3rd and is highly influenced by the music of Hurts, Lana Del Rey and White Lies. With Cold Waves, Monopoly Loser attracts the audience to dive deep into a heartbreak story that is supported by an extraordinary single artwork which became a signature gesture of the artist.

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