Jeffrey Chan

FRESH: ‘Crazy About You’ – Jeffrey Chan

Jeffrey Chan IS “Crazy About You”!

by Christopher Smith

“Crazy About You” is taken from Jeffrey Chan‘s latest EP, “FaultLine: AfterShock”. Released on 13th December 2019, the electronic dance track explores obsession and lust, and the concept of falling in love with the idea of someone (rather than who they actually are). “Crazy About You” is slated to be released as the third official single from the EP with an accompanying video in early 2020. Following the success of 2018’s “FaultLine”, “FaultLine: AfterShock” is a predominately pop/dance EP, with elements of retro-pop weaved throughout.

Preceded by the release of the two singles (“Precious” and “Tell Me The Truth“) the EP is a further deep dive into Chan’s personal experiences and relationships. “FaultLine” received stellar reviews with Jamie Funk (Divide & Conquer Music) describing the production as top notch and as a pop album to not pass up. FaultLine:AfterShock builds on this and showcases Chan’s strengths in writing catchy pop melodies and story-driven lyrics against radio-friendly instrumental productions.

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