FRESH: 'Feelin Fine' - An Orange Conspiracy

FRESH: ‘Feelin Fine’ – An Orange Conspiracy

Feeling More Than Fine!

Written by James

The Scottish rock band’s new single, ‘Feelin Fine’ is everything I would have expected.

Taken straight out of their commanding debut EP, AOC, the track, which has been created by this band of brothers, will easily be a definitive marker for the band as a whole.

The brothers Ricki, Leo and Casey Galea, who make up AOC, debuted their EP in late 2018, which turned out to be a year that was full of breakthroughs for the brothers.  Their music cleverly alternaties between grunge, blues and is accentuated at times by a nod to psychedelica.

The brothers were lured to make music by bands such as Nirvana, The Black Keys and even a bit of Led Zeppelin to name but a few.  However, this band claim their own place in music sphere, with only flicker of light in their sound that pays service to their stated influences.

This bright, new single is the first release from that tempting and masterly new EP as well. With the full-on energy at their sell-out shows and the equally generous support and endorsements, this band are going to be a quick and fast favourite with many very soon.   Along those same lines, this new single, ‘Feelin Fine’ will certainly not disappoint.

‘Feelin Fine’ builds a quality narrative yet includes some pithy epigrams on our modern society, delivered through infectiously catchy melodies with plenty to latch onto and emotive gravitas intrinsic to their sound.  With loads of layers sounds including riffy, bluesy guitars, a bass line that drives straight through, and a backing drum beat that anchors the track between chilled out and power track, this song is becoming a contender for favourite track for me in 2019.

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