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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The Ones YOU Miss The Most – 2019

Where Are They Now? – The Top Ten!

In our hugely successful series “Where Are They Now?”, we here at talkaboutpopmusic.com take a trip down memory lane and seek to find the stars and the one hit wonders of the past and ‘attempt’ to find out what they are all up to these days. But who do you miss the most? Who are the singers and bands that we’ve featured so far that fans are searching out the most?

This is our top ten most viewed and most popular features found through internet search engines and our own website. How many do you remember and how many do you wish would return to the recording studio? Equally, how many are you glad that they have never burdened us all again?! So here they are, in reverse order (just to build up shock and surprise!).

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10. The Shamen (NE)

The Shamen

They started as they meant to go with hits like “Move Any Mountain” and “LSI”, but it was their controversial song “Ebenezer Goode” that got them talked about everywhere, even in The House of Commons! Welcome to the most missed list, wherever you are…

9. Five Star (NE)

Five Star

They’ve made a return of sorts this year with a “Gold Best Of” album, but what really has happened to the biggest pop band of the 1980’s? Mark Keen went undercover (and if anyone has seen him, let us know!).

8. Dina Carroll (3)

Dina Carroll

People still want to know what has happened to the biggest selling British female artist of the 1990’s, but she’s up against it this year. Get in touch Dina, so we can satisfy the many thousands that want to hear from you!

7. Martika (8)


It’s not surprising that 30 years after the release of her global smash hit “Toy Soldiers” that interest in Martika was at fever pitch this year. So what did the “Love, Thy Will Be Done” singer do to celebrate this landmark anniversary?

6. Shampoo (7)


A quarter of a century ago they were in “Trouble”. And they still will be, if they don’t let us know where they are and what they’re upto!

5. Pepsi and Shirlie (4)

Pepsi and Shirlie

Many thousands of fans still have a “Heartache” about WHAM!’s backing singers not releasing records these days. So we celebrated their career after George and Andrew went their separate ways and went door knocking to find them too!

4. Natasha and Daniel Bedingfield (9)

Natasha Daniel Bedingfield

Woah, a massive leap for brother and sister Bedingfield, possibly brought on by the release of Natasha’s album “Roll With Me” this year. So what of her brother…?

3. Jimmy Somerville (NE)

Jimmy Somerville

2019 saw an enormous interest in Jimmy Somerville, with many wondering what the former Communard and “Smalltown Boy” was doing these days. Read our lips, Jimmy, you still make us feel, mighty real!

2. The Reynolds Girls (1)

Reynolds Girls 1989

They may of been toppled this year, but exactly thirty years on from their infamous single “I’d Rather Jack”, tens of thousands want to know why? when? how? and more importantly, WHERE? Are they themselves now “golden oldies” and do WE want them back?

1. Yazz (2)

Yazz 1988

Doing a swap with Linda and Aisling Reynolds to become the years most missed is none other than Yazz! 30 years ago it was a “Fine Time” for her with hits like “Where Has All The Love Gone?”, but what we and an army of followers really want to know is: where has all the Yazz gone?


But it doesn’t end there. We’ve greatly expanded this section in 2019 with a new feature every week and we are always constantly seeking out those elusive artists of yesteryear, celebrating their career and asking ‘where are they now?’. Is there anyone we haven’t yet covered that you would like to see featured? Get in touch with us!

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