Oh oh we’re in trouble! It’s Shampoo! Viva la megababes…but where did they go?

Shampoo were a short-lived pop duo of the mid 1990’s. Jacqui Blake (born 1974) and Caroline Askew (born 1977) were best friends at school in Plumstead, London and started writing for a fanzine for the group The Manic Street Preachers. This would lead to them appearing in their video for the song “Little Baby Nothing” in November 1992!


Shortly after this they began writing songs together and released their debut single “Blisters And Bruises” in September 1993. The song did nothing chart wise, as did its follow up, “Bouffant Headbutt”(!) at the end of the year. The girls spend the first half of 1994 recording their debut album and would return in August with the feisty “Trouble”, the song that would become their signature tune. It would reach No.11 in the UK and chart across Europe and the Far East.


“We Are Shampoo” would follow in September and despite only reaching No.45 in the UK, it has gone on to sell over a million copies worldwide due to its enormous success in Japan and South East Asia! The girls followed “Trouble” with “Viva La Megababes” in late 1994 which would reach No.27 in the UK.

A further single was released in early 1995, “Delicious” that would make No.21 in the UK. Leaving no stone unturned, Jacqui and Carrie hurriedly produced their second album, “Girl Power” later that year, with the title track reaching No.25 in the UK and the album failing to chart anywhere in the world.

Following the release of their version of Chris Butler’s 1978 single “I Know What Boys Like” (UK No.42), they were dropped by Food Records (Parlophone) and released one further album “Absolute Shampoo” on the internet in 2000, unable to secure another deal, despite making a fortune from Japanese sales! The girls disbanded shortly after this. Both Jacqui and Carrie married and have devoted the years since Shampoo to raising families. Hopefully their children haven’t given them too much trouble…?(!)

Remind yourself of the awesome music and there is also a Shampoo fansite that can be accessed by CLICKING HERE for all things Shampoo!


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