Jesper Jenset

FRESH: ‘Bad Vibrations’ – Jesper Jenset

Jesper Jenset drops his brand new, danceable pop number “Bad Vibrations”.

Jesper Jenset is a rising twenty year old Norwegian pop singer and this week he released his new single “Bad Vibrations”, a danceable electro-pop tune from his forthcoming EP, “Waves Vol. 2”.

“Bad Vibrations” tells the tale of a guy who confronts his girlfriend for not telling him that their relationship is over. It’s bad enough that everyone knew about it except him, and now he wants to talk to her about it. But she isn’t trying to hear the words that are coming out of his mouth. She wants out of their relationship and her bad vibrations speak volumes.

However, there’s no quitting in the guy. He wants to know why is she willing to throw away everything they have worked so hard to build? Her answer, distance. They are too far apart to keep their connection alive. He doesn’t buy that and suggests that distance isn’t a good enough reason. He figures if they can meet halfway, there’s still a chance for them to rekindle the dying fire that once burned inside their hearts.

Jesper hails from Molde on the west coast of Norway – known in Norway as “The City of Roses”. He started playing the guitar and singing already in elementary school. However, Jesper also excelled in sports, and up until recently he represented Norway on the national gymnastics team – competing internationally across the world throughout his mid-teens. He is also a great skater, skier and snowboarder. Jesper plays both guitar and keyboard, as well as writes and produces music. The past year and a half he has been 100% dedicated to his music career, and has rapidly developed into one of Norway’s most exciting new up and coming artists.

Despite his young age, Jesper has already been around for some time, building up a solid fan base in Norway and around the world. He has already amassed more than 66,000 followers on Instagram and performed twice at the annual VG show in Oslo in front of crowds of 80,000!

When Jesper released his international debut single “High” in May, it rapidly became a smash hit in Norway, reaching #2 most played on Norwegian radio and #1 on important P3, staying four straight months on Spotify top 50 and spreading across the borders to territories as France, Germany, The Netherlands and the Philippines.
The “High” Young Bombs remix in September rocketed to #1 on Hype Machine, was backed by Chill Nation and important tastemaker media, and has streamed three million times in the US only so far.

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