Most Played Songs in 2019

By Steve 

I produce a yearly playlist of my Top 40 most played tracks of that year. Thanks to, this is a fairly simple process.

It’s time to produce the 2019 playlist and usually by now I have done a pre-check to see what will be Number One but so far I have refrained and will leave it as a surprise. So, in true countdown style let’s look at them all from 40 down to 1!

How will it compare to last years list? Will Kylie still be at the top?

I’m am so excited! Click on the images to watch the videos!

40: ‘You’re The One’ – Emly Clausen

Kicking things off with a Scandipop banger!

39: ‘Hotel Walls (Acoustic)’ – Smith & Thell

Absolutely loved watching these guys play live at Lollapalooza in Stockholm and have been listening to then ever since!

38: ‘From Now On’ – Hugh Jackman

Perhaps not played so much as in 2018 but still a regular song being played – usually on a Friday night with a glass of wine!

37: ‘Soldi’ – Mahmood

The first Eurovision entry in the list and what a great way to start. An awesome song from Italy in 2019!

36: ‘All The Way’ – joan

An awesome new discovery by me in 2019. If you love a song with a good 80s vibe then you’ll love joan!

35: ‘Cold’ – James Blunt

A welcome return from James Blunt in 2019 and I’m still holding out that he’ll reply to one of my tweets!

34: ‘Mirror, Mirror’ – Golde

One of my first new discoveries in 2019 but sadly nothing else really happened with this artist.

Golde Mirror Mirror

33: ‘A Little Bit Alexis’ – Annie Murphy

What started out as a sketch in a TV show soon became a streaming hit and has now appeared in my most played songs of 2019!

32: ‘Say Something Good’ – Alessandra

I am so excited to see what new music this girl gives us in 2020!

31: ‘Dancing On My Own’ – Robyn

This is an ultimate banger of a song – so glad it’s back in my end of year Top 40!

30: ‘Pretend’ – Pasquale Gee

There’s something about this guy’s voice that I really, really love. Great song!

29: ‘She Got Me’ – Luca Hanni

Switzerland’s Eurovision entry came from a cute guy in a hat with a very energetic dance routine!

28: ‘Better Love’ – Katerine Duska

Was Greece’s fantastic Eurovision entry let down by the performance on the night?

27: ‘I’ve Been Waiting For This Night’ – Donny Montell

It was over 3 years ago but it’s still a Eurovision favourite of mine!

26: ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ – Tiffany

It’s always going to be one of my most favourite songs ever! Thanks Tiffany!

25: ‘I Can’t Go On’ – Robin Bengtsson

Swedish pop at it’s finest!

24: ‘Kristaller’ – Laleh

It was amazing watching her perform this live at Lollapalooza. Laleh you are one of the nicest, most polite popstars ever! Tack!

23: ‘Dance!!!’ – Saara Aalto

If this song doesn’t get you up dancing then nothing will!

22: ‘Stop Me From Falling’ – Kylie Minogue

It may have fallen down the list but it’s still the Pop Princess at her best!

Kylie SMFF

21: ‘Storm’ – Victor Crone

Eurovision. Estonia. Swedish. Hot guy. Banging song. What’s not to love?


20: ‘If I Was Brave’ – Alessandra

Close your eyes, turn up the music and fall in love with this voice!

19: ‘Ashes To Ashes’ – Anna Bergendahl

Fantastic song that didn’t quite make it to the Eurovision Song Contest but it’s still a hit with me!

18: ‘Number One Fan’ – MUNA

Always be your own number one fan and always listen to this LOUD!

17: ‘Forever & Ever’ – Junior Brielle

I literally stumbled across these guys at Lollapalooza and had their music on repeat ever since!

16: ‘Love’ – Junior Brielle

Love the 80s vibe that’s going on here! I just can’t get enough!

15: ‘Neon Blue’ – Steps

It’s down slightly on last year but here’s to 2020 being a brand new year of Steps!

14: ‘Säg Aldrig Ditt Namn’ – Junior Brielle

I told you I just couldn’t get enough!

13: ‘Euphoria’ – Loreen

It’s possibly one of the best Eurovision songs ever but it slips out of my top 10. Still LOVE!

12: ‘Bury It’ – CHVRCHES

One of the best things to come out of Scotland now and forever!

11: ‘Bad Guy’ – Billie Eilish

Super talented. Super bass. Super at making me feel old! Keep playing it loud!

10: ‘Dance Monkey’ – Tones & I

Addicted to this song. What else is there to say?

CHARTS: Official UK Chart Update - Friday 4th October

9: ‘Paradise By The Dashboard Light’ – Meatloaf

A Friday night dance classic! Well, that’s if you are in my kitchen on a Friday night that is!

8: ‘Spirit In The Sky’ – Keiino

The people’s winner at Eurovision 2019! Thanks Keiino!

7: ‘Bassa Sababa’ – Netta

Who said she couldn’t follow up Toy? I actually think I like this more!

6: ‘5 Dollars’ – Christine & The Queens

A massive climb up the list from last year! Love this song so much!

5: ‘Dancing’ – Kylie Minogue

Last year’s number one is dancing down to number five but Kylie will always be our number one, am I right?

4: ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)’ – Whitney Houston

My ‘driving home on a Friday’ song. Fridays wouldn’t be Fridays without this!

3: ‘2000 And Whatever’ – Electric Fields

It didn’t make it to Eurovision but it has sure made an impression on me!

2: ‘Zero Gravity’ – Kate Miller-Heidke

My favourite Eurovision song from 2019. Epic song. Epic staging. Epic voice. EPIC!

1: ‘Too Late For Love’ – John Lundvik

My most played Eurovision song from 2019. Swedish. Hot Guy. An ultimate Pop Bop! What else could I ask for?

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