Judy Cheeks Love Dancin

REVIEW: ‘Love Dancin’ – Judy Cheeks

Judy Cheeks – “Love Dancin'”

Judy Cheeks, together with her amazing producer Shaun O’Shea, is back with a brand new album for 2020! Hot on the heels of “A Deeper Love” last year and “Danger Zone” in 2018, Judy’s new collection is entitled “Love Dancin'” and with fourteen tracks available, let’s see just how much the lady really does love dancin’…!

1. Safe In Your Arms

“Love Dancin'” kicks off with a very familiar sounding Whitney Houston style 80’s soul ballad, safe in Judy’s arms…and that’s where I want to be!

2. Love’s Got To Find Love

The husky and pulsing “Love’s Got To Find Love” brings the tempo up with its repetitive message that “Too many hearts are breaking, too much love love is wasted, you gotta find someone…love’s got to find love”. I love the groove and rhythm of this track, it’s addictive and will have you hooked within minutes.

3. I Wanna Sing A Love Song

Judy wants to sing a long song because “Life’s too short to wear a frown”! She sings her love song against a great R&B bass laden backdrop which is both lively and sparkling. “Rock me baby”!

4. A Southern Heart

The gorgeous “Southern Heart”, with its echoing vocals, impresses home that a southern heart will make your life complete. This is a smooth, gospel-tinged number that will make you want you throw your arms up and clap in celebration.

5. Two Hearts

Keeping the tempo down, Judy informs us that it doesn’t take two hearts to fall in love. Her vocal is suppressed and sublime for this sensual track, devoid of any backing singers, this is Judy, alone, getting the message through.

6. Love Dancin’

Title track time and with the slap of some bongos this simple, joyous number even has Judy rapping towards the end! Kick back as “we’re romancing” with Judy, so just “love dancin'”!

7. I See The Sunshine

Oh yes raise that voice “I been lonely for so long” screams Judy as the funky “I See The Sunshine” blasts away. More sexy grooves aplenty and I’m sure you will see the sunshine, the passion and the desire to ‘move’ with this electric track.

8. Holding On For The Wrong Thing

Moving away from the theme of love, this dark and impassioned song makes you realise that despite all you can do to make a relationship work, sometimes you may be wasting your time and you just may be “Holding On To The Wrong Thing”…

9. All Over Again

Taking it right down this time as Judy continues the theme of being with someone you shouldn’t be, but does so with real conviction and charm set against the backdrop of this gorgeous but heartfelt soul ballad.

10. Leap Of Faith

“Leap Of Faith” is a real anthem and it’s got everything, gospel choirs, electric guitars as it builds and builds from beginning to end. This song has the strength to be a big massive in its own right, it’s got that feel good factor and an epic middle-eight. Definitely a standout.

11. Friends

…and when that relationship is over, there’s only one way to come out of it. As “Friends”. The backing track to this song is highly infectious and remains the same throughout. Better than looking through a brick wall(!)

12. Thunder

The soulful and funky “Thunder” is very 70’s disco and fast moving and certainly more positive that previous songs as Judy sings of the “thunder of my heart”. “He is the light, he is the joy and the thunder…”, Judy sounds much more at home singing about love and the virtues of that intimate feeling.

13. Lift Me Up

“Lift Me Up” is certainly that, with it’s upbeat and positive chorus. It’s all about loving her right. Holding her in your arms. It’s about having the power in your love. That’s what lifts us all up.

14. Take Me With You

Wow, this is a really retro 80’s track! I love the opening few seconds of “Take Me With You” and its chorus will have you up and moving about like disco’s used to be 30-40 years ago. It’s spunky and fresh and yet if you close your eyes, it’s like being a kid again!


Judy has spoilt us again with an incredible fourteen new tracks from her third album in as many years. Once again this is a collection of diverse themes that will please lovers of Judy’s gospel heritage as much as her 80’s sounds and her natural soul/R’n’B grooves. Either way, all of those genres accentuate Judy’s vocal abilities in strength as well as dealing with the more refined and intimate moments of love, life and everything in between.

You can purchase “Love Dancin'” from iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby and Deezer, or to download the booklet that accompanies the album, click here.

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