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FRESH: ‘Let Go’ – Zachary Ray

Zachary Ray is back with “Let Go”

Zachary Ray is back with his first offering of 2020, “Let Go”, following on from last year’s debut, “Refuge“, which we exclusively introduced to you upon its release. Zachary told us about “Let Go” recently: “I wrote this song with a friend in a journal after I lost my first born child and me and my wife buried her while we were living in India. In a world that seems so chaotic moving into a new decade and New Year, we are all looking for glimpses of hope and peace. I believe this song will be that for those who will listen”.

Zachary Ray developed a passion for music singing in his dad’s church at a young age. That passion for music lead him to study vocal performance and music business at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. He sees music as a tool that can be used to bring transformation and healing for people around the world. For 12 years, he’s been using the gift of music to teach and train aspiring musicians. 9 out of those 12 years he’s been living in India, using his experience and education to teach at Calcutta School of Music and start a company, Chaitown Creatives, to teach and train young musicians and vocalists.

He met his wife while working in India, and they have a 2 year old, who was born in India. Zachary’s love for music and sharing his story through lyrics has lead him back to America to write and record an album at Dark Horse Recording Studios in Franklin, Tennessee. The current project is about his journey over the past few years. A story and a season in his life full of heartache, doubt, trust, deep love and healing but, most of all, it’s a story of the hope, comfort, peace and confidence that kept him going.

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