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FRESH: ‘Someone To Call My Own’ – Mos Isley

Mos Isley have “Someone To Call My Own”

Swedish indie rock/pop band Mos Isley have just released their new single ”Someone To Call My Own”. By the band’s own description “The song gives a feeling of old Keane, though with a more modern sound”. Falsett enriched song melodies, spherical guitar tones and powerful synths. That soundscape should make you think of Mos Isley, the ore-based alt-pop duo who released their debut single, “Mirrors”, in late 2015. The song topped the list in radio program P3 (biggest radio station in Sweden) Osignat with Sanna Bråding in the lead.

The successful debut single was followed by the not least acclaimed sequel, “Where Do We Go?”, which in mid-2017 was placed on some of Spotify’s most renowned playlists Viral Hits, Viral 50 in the US and Discover Weekly. The song on it, “Colorful Spectrum”, was released as a tribute to the singer’s mother, who in late 2016 passed away in cancer. After some time off, Mos Isley is finally back with their new single “Someone To Call My Own”. Over the years, Mos Isley has been associated with both powerful Public Service Broadcasting and Jung to name a few.

“Where Do We Go?” has today well over 300,000 streams and reached its peak with 15,000 hours of airtime across 56 countries with over 87,000 listeners in total. Of “Colorful Spectrum”, the band say: “The song was born during a very dark period of my life after someone very close to me had passed away. Some days felt like an ocean of darkness drowning me. I had to tell myself constantly to never let it get to me, but no matter how much I fought back I still ended up in agony. Colorful Spectrum took me on a ride between emotions of sorrow and hope. It has had a very therapeutical impact on me”.

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