FRESH: ‘Purple’ – Tanith

Tanith likes “Purple”

Tanith is a singer-songwriter indie-pop artist from Sydney Australia. She has been been songwriting and composing music since the age of 11. “Purple” is the first release for Tanith off the back of playing nearly 70 solo gigs across Sydney in 2019. It is the first of several scheduled releases for Tanith in 2020. She will continue to increase her already skyrocketing presence in the Sydney music scene with a goal of reaching the 100 show mark this year whilst also releasing an array of new tracks that she has been working on and deems her best songwriting yet.

“Purple” was inspired by Tanith’s purple lipstick that she would wear every time she did anything music related (performances, photoshoots, radio appearances, single covers etc.). She felt it was like an alter ego and used the idea to write about a character based on aspects of her own personality. “Purple” is a self-written track about female empowerment, identity and pushing back, cleverly written to a catchy melody and packaged subtly in a radio-friendly indie-pop song in the vein of Ed Sheeran meets Halsey.

In the studio, Tanith co-produced the song with her regular producer Daniel Skeed. The pair experimented with abstract sounds and sound creation. For example, the indie-pop song features a Tibetan singing bowl, a wine glass, paper and a stationary folder masterfully recorded and edited to create unique samples that feature seamlessly in the acoustic guitar driven pop song. The foundation of the track was created using only an acoustic guitar in the style of guitar loop pedalling, which uses the body of the guitar to create the percussion.

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