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REVIEW: ‘Gold’ – Bros

Bros – “Gold”

Get ready to scream again, Bros are back! Yes, their definitive anthology is now being made available by those lovely people at Demon Music Group, following on from their successful “Gold” albums from Belinda Carlisle, Five Star, M People, Ace Of Base and many others. The three disc and vinyl sets feature all of their recordings as a trio and a duo from 1987 to 1991 and take in all three of their studio albums as well as B sides and rare recordings. All the hits are here from their January 1988 breakthrough tune which asked the question, “When Will I Be Famous?” to the smoothie “Drop The Boy”, to their one and only chart topper, “I Owe You Nothing” and two other UK top five hits from their quadruple Platinum certified debut album, “Push”.

When Craig Logan left at the beginning of 1989, twins Matt and Luke Goss continued as a duo and pumped out “Too Much”, “Chocolate Box” and “Sister” by the end of the year and the decade together with their second long player, “The Time”. Bros disappeared for a year while writing and recording their third album, but by 1991, the magic had gone and moved on elsewhere to other new and exciting artists like New Kids On The Block, but their ‘comeback’ single, “Try” and the subsequent album, “Changing Faces”, were chart hits in their home country before the end was declared. Matt went on to record solo hit singles “If You Were Here Tonight” (1996) and “I’m Coming With Ya” (2003) before settling in Las Vegas ‘in residence’ since 2010, where he released a new studio album, “Life You Imagine”, in 2013. Luke was already in America, in Hollywood to be precise, where he had been a star turn in films like ‘Blade II’ (2002), ‘Hellboy II’ (2008) and ‘Death Race 2’ (2010).

After his recovery, Craig assisted his partner Kim Appleby in her solo career which produced the No.2 chart hit “Don’t Worry” in 1990 and later went on to become managing director of RCA Records. The Bros flame reignited at Christmas 2018 with the sensational documentary, Bros: After The Screaming Stops, which while ridiculed by many, was a fascinating insight into the lives of the two wayward twins and their attempt to reform the duo and play a sell out gig at London’s O2, thirty years after they had played to 70,000 at London’s Wembley Stadium. And so the screaming came again, this time not from teenagers fainting to see their pop idols on stage, but forty-something’s who had all married and had kids of their own and seen them lust after the likes of NSync and One Direction, but were still happy to put their ‘Brosette’ badges on once more and see if the magic was still there and the feelings were still the same three decades later.

The three disc set features all the hits and songs from the “Push” era while CD2 covers the 1989 and 1991 albums. CD3 features remixes of the big hits together with B side and rarities. Who remembers “Drop The Boy” and then “The Boy Is Dropped”?! In total, this package features 45 songs from the cheeky and swoonsome London lads, while the 180g gold coloured vinyl features all 12 UK top twenty hits, including the Christmas 1988 double A sider, “Cat Among The Pigeons” and “Silent Night”. Bros are ‘threatening’ a comeback, apparently, with plans for a new version of the “Push” album in a more ‘contemporary style’ mooted as well as new studio material! It remains to be seen if either of these projects come to anything, but for now, revel in a time long ago, in a previous century, when three 20 year old boys from London stole our hearts and created hysteria not seen since The Beatles and who, in a three year period, sold sixteen million records and played to adoring fans on stage and on Top Of The Pops almost constantly. If you’ve still got them, dig out your posters, stick them on the wall and sing with me “I owe you nothing rueeeeerr, nothing at all”!

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