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FRESH: ‘Queen Of Fire’ – AV Futures

AV Futures celebrate the “Queen Of Fire”

The latest single from AV Futures demonstrates the breadth of sounds that this quartet can conjure. “Queen Of Fire” is a pulsing, sultry, psych-rock journey while Vapor drifts in slowly with violin and vocoder before launching into a driving, disco outtro. Based out of Portland, Oregon, AV Futures stirs a compelling mix of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s inspired pop and disco into their catchy original compositions. Soaring melodies rise above a rich bed of synthesizers and arpeggios while bouncing bass lines weave through metronomic drumming. Songs of lust and loss will leave your head spinning into the morning.

AV Futures was formed after drummer Andy Brown and keyboardist/vocalist David LiaBraaten’s previous band, Coronation, was put on hold after their 2018 release, “Silicon Days”, and a song on the 2018 PDX Pop Now! compilation. After recording a few demos, AV Futures cast a net for collaborators and quickly found vocalist/keyboardist/violinist Camelia Nine. Longtime friend and collaborator Christopher Rose agreed to round out the sound on bass guitar.

When not working on her solo project, Beautiful Brute, music educator Camelia Nine can also be seen in Portland-based, classic French vocal trio, Bergerette. Andy Brown’s musical track record includes playing keyboards in 90’s space rock group, Jessamine, Southern Lord jazz/rock fusion artists, Fontanelle, and drumming for Portland ambient rockers, Paint and Copter, as well as quirky pop group, Miss Massive Snowflake. David LiaBraaten cut his teeth organizing raves in the early 2000’s and forming industrial-pop duo, Disgustitron. Bassist Christopher Rose has been singing and playing guitar either solo or in groups for over two decades.

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