Carley Varley

FRESH: ‘Since You Left’ – Carley Varley

Carley Varley says, “Since You Left”…

Carley Varley, who we featured last year with her song “Honest Conflict“, is a musician from Bournemouth UK. Starting off busking on the streets of her home town she has gone on to make her own music and become a full-time musician. Carley’s latest single Won’t Say Sorry is Carley’s first single as a musician and is now available to stream on all platforms. With her mini-martin Carley has played in many famous establishments such as The Ritz and The Waldorf in London. Carley also won The Dorset Venus Award for Musical Talent in 2018.

Carley says of her latest release, “Since You Left”: “I wrote this song last year and left it in a book. I came back to it and recorded it this year as I felt it was a story that needed to be told. My friend had her heartbroken by someone she loved when he moved away. She kept saying ‘I’ll stop feeling this way one day’ and never really has stopped loving the guy. I felt inspired to write about it in the hope that it resonates with people like my friend and also helps them deal with these feelings of having no closure. The song is emotional and I hope catchy”.

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