Josefine Landelius

FRESH: ‘Breathe’ EP – Josefine Landelius

Josefine Landelius releases her EP, “Breathe”

We here at do like root out and present to you all really great artists and Josefine Landelius is certainly one of them. We’ve been following her for some time now and so we are pleased to annouce that she has just released her debut EP, “Breathe”!

Josefine has told us that: “It’s a collection of my previous released music and the new song with the same name. The EP touches feelings like gratitude, insufficiency and hope. “Breathe” was one of the first songs I wrote and it’s the one closest to my heart. I wrote it back in 2016 while dealing with emotions like insufficiency, self-respect and insecurities. The song is about the feeling of living up to someone elses expectations, some said and some unsaid, but also the feeling of having enough and putting boundaries. Sometimes we do things out of love, but we don’t always think before doing them or saying them. The EP is very honest and real and you get to know some of my deepest feelings. I’m very proud of it and I’ll hope you’ll all like it as much as I do”.

Singer-songwriter Josefine is already pursuing her dream. Her story begins in a small town called Strängnäs where she was born and raised. Developing her own voice and learning by doing she started to express herself early with singing and later on she started playing the piano. The dream of becoming a singer started to grow and in 2015 she decided to study music for real. Josefine became more confident in her singing and after being chosen for the Stand In rehearsals for Eurovision song contest in 2016 she realized this was actually something she could do. Songwriting on the other hand was not that obvious, even though she wanted to write, her mind told her not to. After understanding more about the songwriting and what the music made her feel she also began too see how others where affected while she was performing and something started to grow inside her. Music was now something more than just music, it was a way to express emotions and to share that moment of trust with the listeners.

Eventually the songwriting took turn and in 2018 she released her debut called ”Home”. Josefine then teamed up with singer-songwriter Shalisa Taylor and in February 2019 the collaboration was released, titled “Who’s To Say?“. A song about the courage to follow your dreams no matter what. The song got great support and ended up in ”Viral 50 Ireland”, ”A perfect day” and gave her listeners all over the world. In 2019 she also shared, “Mariette” and ”I Can’t Feel” as well as the acoustic version of “Who’s To Say?”. Known for her powerful yet fragile voice, Josefine means what she sings. With honest lyrics and emotional stories you can tell there’s heart and soul behind every word and tone. The swelling atmospheric sound combined with the magnificent but still fragile tone brings you into her world of music in an emotional way. She wishes to inspire people by telling stories from her own experiences among with others.

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