TRIVIA: The Songs That Have Been Hit Singles The Most

The songs that have been recorded and become UK chart hits more than any other are:

Everlasting Love” – EIGHT times!

First in 1967 for Robert Knight
Other versions have come from Love Affair in 1974 (No.1)
Rex Smith and Rachel Sweet in 1981
Sandra in 1988
Worlds Apart in 1993
Gloria Estefan in 1995
The cast of Casualty in 1998
Jamie Cullum in 2004

Unchained Melody” – seven times

Originally for Les Baxter in 1955
While other versions have come from Jimmy Young in 1955 (No.1)
Al Hibbler in 1955
The Righteous Brothers in 1965 (No.14) and again in 1990 (No.1)
Robson and Jerome in 1995 (No.1)
Gareth Gates in 2002 (No.1)

So while “Everasting Love” has the most entries, “Unchained Melody” has accumulated more number one’s!

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