FRESH: ‘1978’ – ÉVEIL

ÉVEIL debuts…in “1978”

“1978” is the first single of the new ÉVEIL project. The concept of the song takes shape in 2017; The single wants to bring the Funk/Disco sounds of the 70s through improvements from a technical point of view such as the depth of the low frequencies and the overall quality of the recordings. 1978 was finished after 2 years of work between Italy and France.

This single is the first among a long list of songs not necessarily in the same genre; because ÉVEIL is not a genre but a feeling. ÉVEIL is a young musician, songwriter and producer who is known for crossing genres and setting moods with strong melodies. Everything you need to know about ÉVEIL is expressed through his music because ÉVEIL is much more than a stage name, ÉVEIL is a feeling! Are you “ÉVEIL” too? [é-veil] n.m. rebirth.

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