Åke Norén

FRESH: ‘Radio Days’ – Åke Norén

Åke Norén remembers “Radio Days”

Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Åke Norén is from Karlskoga is new single, “Radio Days”, is a song about memories of the days when radio was the main source to listen to music. Åke grew up in the sixties and seventies and he fell in love with the great melodies of that time.

Since the age of twelve he has been the lead singer and songwriter of Flames, Bloomingdays, Wood, Denadas, Jet Airliner and Boogely Boys All in different genres. With his most recent releases, “Baby Baby Baby” and “Radio Days”, he is returning to the music he fell in love with as a kid. Hoping to someday come up with a song that could be misstaken for at song by The Beatles.

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