REVIEW: ‘Most Of Us Are Strangers’ – Seafret

Seafret – “Most Of Us Are Strangers”

Well, it’s taken four years but finally Seafret have released their second long player, “Most Of Us Are Strangers”. And we’ve already had a good taster of the album with five tracks that have already been released including the sublime “Loving You“, the epic “Fall” and the electric “Magnetic“, not to mention the title track itself and “Love Won’t Let Me Leave“. So what else is left on this sophomore collection, the follow up to 2016’s “Tell Me It’s Real”? The album kicks off with the aforementioned and title track and is quickly followed by the superb “Be My Queen”, showing how far Jack and Harry have come as songwriters since their debut. The confidence and exuberance really show with this fantastic track, and as they say themselves, “we can rule the world”. With songs of quality like “Be My Queen”, they certainly can. Watch out Take That!

“Who Do We Stay?” is a beautiful acoustic harmony that brings back memories of the magnificent “Breathe”. Thought provoking and understated, the song is a perfect lead for the track, that is for me, the standout of this album, “Fall“. Ever since the song was released last year, “Fall”, with its torrid video, is arguably Seafret’s most ambitious recording yet. Deserving of all the adulation of any top chart hit. This is a track that I feel has yet to come to the fore and be truly appreciated by the masses. The upbeat and crowd pleasing “Magnetic” soon follows and it’s easy to see how this one is going to work so well on tour and to larger crowds (I’m hoping to see Seafret in festival line ups very soon!). Back to basics once again with “Girl I Wish I Didn’t Know”, set against a completely stripped backdrop and in sombre mood, it’s one of those songs that make you stop and really listen.

The already released “Love Won’t Let Me Leave” raises the positivity bar once more as the boys celebrate love and meeting that special someone while the next two tracks from the “Monsters” EP that was released, amazingly, over a year ago now. Both the title track and “Can’t Look Away” are included here, just in case anyone didn’t buy them when originally released, and they fit in well with more newer surroundings. “Lie To Me” is yet another example of how less is more and yet again demonstrates how far the boys have really come since “Tell Me It’s Real”. The gorgeous ballad “Loving You” is up next with such sweet and heartfelt words and vocals that make this such a classic already. “Most Of Us Are Strangers” concludes with another outstanding number, “Unbreakable”. This is a real call to all to join them with every “ahh oooh oooh” that is a big feature of this song. Like “Magnetic”, this is one that will play well live and gain audience participation, and quite rightly so.

Well Jack and Harry have finally delivered and what a superb collection of new and already well established tunes for us to become familiar with and learn. They have matured greatly in the four years since their opening collection, although the style and music content is so often just the same. It would be very foolhardy to describe “Most Of Us Are Strangers” as simply a follow on from “Tell Me It’s Real”, but the standard and quality are ever more refined and toned with this new collection, particularly when you add such gloriously wonderful songs like “Fall“, “Be My Queen” and “Unbreakable” into the mix. This album will, I hope, take Seafret‘s standing in the current music world that much higher and reach the audience they so deserve. This is real British music talent at its very best and there just isn’t any one singer or group that are currently delivering quality songs like this. And perhaps that’s why it’s best to leave it a good while between albums. Would Seafret still sound spot on if they recorded every year or two? Somehow, I think not. Welcome back boys.

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