FRESH: ‘Monsters’ – Seafret

Bridlington duo Seafret are back with their dramatic new single “Monsters”

The magnificent Seafret return with their outstanding new single “Monsters” (click the image above to hear it) taken from their forthcoming EP and follows the release in July of “Can’t Look Away“.

Seafret are Jack Sedman and Harry Draper and hail from Bridlington, Yorkshire. They burst onto the music scene at the beginning of 2016 with their debut album “Tell Me It’s Real” which has proven a huge hit with critics and their ever growing fanbase. It featured the massive singles “Wildfire”, “Atlantis” and “Oceans”, the video for which has been viewed over 58 million times on YouTube!

With “Monsters” and “Can’t Look Away“, Jack and Harry have once again proven their gift for writing and recording simple, yet thought provoking and beautiful songs that are easily accessible as well as being completely addictive. “Monsters” was produced – and largely written – in Glasgow alongside producer Ross Hamilton, a figure whose quiet involvement helped spur on their debut LP. The material extends outwards in different ways – still resolutely Seafret, it incorporates darker moods, different instrumentation, all achieved in an incredibly natural way.

The boys have toured extensively across the whole of the UK, Europe and beyond over the past two years to sell-out crowds and are back on the road this Autumn. To book tickets CLICK HERE;
Seafret tour

The duo have never been so productive, and so in-demand. Following these live shows, Seafret will begin to bring their new album into focus. “It makes you work harder,” Harry says. “And actually it’s freeing as an artist to know you’re just writing the songs because you want to write the songs”. And we can’t wait!

Seafret 2018

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