Sean Smith

NEWS: The Fire & The Magic Of Sean Smith

This Thursday sees the full release of ‘Verona’.

The song is a cover version of one of my favourite entries in Eurovision 2017.

This new version is a duet featuring modern-day 80s superstar Peter Wilson and Sean Smith.

There also just happens to be an awesome 80s remix of it, it’s like someone reads my thoughts sometimes…

However, let’s forget all that and talk about something much more important…

Who Is Sean Smith?

Sean first appeared on our screens in 2007 as one half of X- Factor brother/sister act Same Difference with his sister Sarah.

Some of the nicer critiques they got were that they were ‘sickly sweet’ but I couldn’t help look forward to their appearances each week.

Performances like this made me so glad they got to the final.

They even got to duet with none other than Jason Donovan, for fuck sake!

Sadly they didn’t win but make sure you check out all their other songs. They did, however go on to make an album with this is the lead single which reached number 13 in the UK charts.

They also covered this song but the least said about that the better, right?

Anyway, I think everyone would agree that there was no longevity in a brother/sister duo in this day and age so after a few more attempts at tours, albums and even entering the Swiss national Eurovision selection ‘Same Difference’ decided to call it a day in 2014.

Sarah now runs a ‘Same Difference’ school for kids to learn how to sing, dance and act with additional fitness classes and after success in musical theatre Sean got…


FRESH: 'Verona' - Peter Wilson with Sean Smith

His first solo single ‘Turn Me On’ was released in 2016 to which a Daily Express headline read “Remember X Factor’s Same Difference? Bizarre S&M, threesomes and gay kiss in new video”. They had me at ‘same difference’ to be fair.

In February 2017 Sean signed a new management deal with SP Music Management and released his second solo single ‘Magic’ on 26 May 2017.

The third single ‘Fire’ was released on 2 November 2017.

So, as we wait for more singles and a album we’ve got the awesome duet ‘Verona’ to get lost in!

For more on Sean, check out his FACEBOOK page or follow him on TWITTER.

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