Peter Wilson

FRESH: ‘The Passion And The Flame’ – Peter Wilson

Australian singer Peter Wilson releases his seventh studio album ‘The Passion And The Flame’

Australian singer and songwriter has released his brand new album “The Passion And The Flame” and if you love PWL/S.A.W. music, then you’re in for a treat!

Peter began recording music in the mid-1990’s, but it wasn’t until 2007 that he released his debut album “Follow Me”. Working with PWL engineers Dave Ford and Ian Curnow as well as legendary mixmaster Pete Hammond, Peter’s music has a very familiar sound to it!

His first single released in 1994 was “I Wanna Dance” which reached No.171 on the Australian singles chart. His next release was a cover of Benny Mardones song “Into The Night”, which reached No.139.

Peter took time out over the next few years to write for other singers including Amanda Lear, Sabrina (remember “Boys”!) and Britain’s Nicki French and Samantha Fox.

Since “Follow Me” in 2007, Peter has released five further studio albums prior to “The Passion And The Flame”. “Stereo” came in 2011, “Laser Light” in 2012, “Pulsation” in 2013, “Utopia” in 2015 and “Overdrive” in 2017.


And yet, it’s surprising that with such a classic S.A.W./PWL sound, Peter has never made it big in the UK! We hope with this new offering, Peter will gain more recognition with the millions of Hit Factory fans that exist here and worldwide!

For more on Peter, check out his FACEBOOK page
Check out the new album “The Passion And The Flame” on Spotify below or HERE for all of Peter’s albums

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