FRESH: ‘Run’ – T’Pau

The legendary T’Pau are back with a new track ‘Run’ and have teased us with this snippet!

T’Pau – remember them from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s? Of course you do. “China In Your Hand”… “Heart And Soul”… “Valentine”… “Only The Lonely”… Well the Shrewsbury group who took the charts by storm are back with a new single “Run“, which is released on August 17th.

With her distinctive voice and amazing red hair, Carol Decker is back with this striking new single that blends traditional T’Pau sounds with modern production that should prove popular with their legions of fans as well as perhaps anyone that hasn’t yet considered the group. Together with Ron Rogers, T’Pau have continued to play live gigs and music festivals for many years and have released a total of five studio albums, beginning with their million selling debut “Bridge Of Spies” in 1987.

Run” is the first new material from the group for three years. It follows their most recent studio album “Pleasure And Pain” in 2015 which returned them to the UK album chart after an absence of 22 years.

The original group, which consisted of Carol, Ron, Tim Burgess, Mike Chetwood and Paul Jackson, formed in 1986 and released their first single, the highly unique epic “Heart And Soul”, blending talky lyrics overlaced with actual singing. Released in April 1987, it failed to chart initially in the UK but after appearing in jeans commercial climbed to No.4 on the US chart. It was re-released in the UK that Summer and replicated its US position.

But of course it was the follow up to “Heart And Soul”, “China In Your Hand” that we remember the most. A five week chart topper in the UK in November-December 1987, with that awesome saxophone middle-eight and “Bridge Of Spies” topping the chart, T’pau were at the absolute height of success. The hits continued into 1988 with “Valentine”, “I Will Be With You” and “Secret Garden”, which was taken from their second album “Rage”.

Christmas 1988 saw the release of another sumptuous epic “Road To Our Dream” followed by “Only The Lonely” (not the Roy Orbison song!) in the Spring of 1989. T’Pau returned in 1991 with their third album “The Promise” which included the hits “Whenever You Need Me” and “Walk On Air”. After a greatest hits album in 1993, the group went their separate ways, but Carol continued to perform and together with a new backing group, released the album “Red” in 1998. Carol and Ron reunited in 2007 and recorded a new track “Just Dream” to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the release of “Bridge Of Spies”.

Now with renewed success following “Pleasure And Pain” and a string of superb live performances, “Run” opens up the door to a glorious new future for T’Pau and with luck, a brand new album in the not too distant future(!) For as the song says “if this is the road we take to our dream, and fall on the way. Get up and do it again”.

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