FRESH: ‘When The Night Falls’ – Maxthor

Maxthor move retro waves on “When the Night Falls”

Coming out of Spain in a haze of neon lights, electro synth pulses and eighties rock brilliance is Maxthor, a three piece with a unique and original retro futuristic sound. “When the Night Falls” is taken from their recently released second studio album, “Fiction”. Forging a broad spectrum of influences, Maxthor take irresistible echoes of eighties giants like Phil Collins, Billy Idol and Survivor and filter them through their own lens of synth driven futurist-nostalgia. The results are intoxicating; insanely catchy songs, beautifully crafted and drowned in electronic atmosphere and synthpop hooks. There’s metal, italodisco and retro aesthetics in the mix, it’s a cocktail of sounds that makes Maxthor a truly unique proposition.

Coming off the back of releasing their EP “Black Fire” in 2014, a debut album followed and tracks from “Another World” found placements in film (‘The Summoner’, ‘Killer Kate’) and various compilations. The sound clearly connected and continues to grow in complexity and sophistication. Taking lyrical inspiration from Phillip K Dick and fusing new more contemporary influences into the sound with echoes of Muse, amongst others, Maxthor look set to take 2020 by storm with new album “Fiction”. The title is apt; Maxthor weave their own worlds from multiple influences. Luis M. Deltell (Vocals, Guitar), Joaquín M. Deltell (Keys) and Pablo Méndez (Drums) are ready to take you on a journey through their self styled retro futuristic synth rock.

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