VIEWS: What Was The Number One Song When You Were Born?

Your Number One?

I’ve always been fascinated with knowing what was number one in the UK singles chart during the week someone was born. I think it gives a good indication of the person’s personality etc. I know that’s probably crazy but it’s my theory and they usually are.

When I was born on 22nd March 1978, the number one song was “Wuthering Heights” by Kate Bush.

What does that say about me…..?

“A little bit weird but an experimental interpretation of something classic!”

I’ve posted the video and then there’s also an interesting photo below.

Every year it’s a tradition we go to the beach on my birthday. One year I took this photo near Aberdeen beach because I thought the sign was really funny. When I uploaded the photo I noticed something else on the hill at the middle right of the shot which can only be described as….Kate Bush from the Wuthering Heights video….spooky huh?


What was the number one when you were born?

If you want to check the UK charts then I use the everyhit website but I’m sure there’s an equivalent for every other country.

Find your “number one”, and see if you think it relates to you.

Also, check out My First Record as thanks to them I now have this hanging on my wall!

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