Jessica Towler

FRESH: ‘Anxiety’ – Jessica Towler

Jessica Towler speaks personally about “Anxiety”

Jessica Towler is a 23 year old pop singer based out of a small city east of Toronto, Ontario. She started singing by taking lessons in 2015. In 2016 Jessica won a Canada wide Talent contest held by KIA Canada where she won a car and $10,000. From then on she began taking music more seriously. She released her debut single, “On My Own”, in 2019.

Her follow up is a deeply personal anthem called “Anxiety”. Jessica tells us: “Anxiety is about my personal struggles with Anxiety and Depression. It highlights how it can take control of your body and mind almost as if it’s a little devil on your shoulder that will not go away”. And what a song! We wish Jessica well and look forward to future releases.

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