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FRESH: ‘Know Me’ – Eighty Ninety

Eighty Ninety say they “Know Me”!

talkaboutpopmusic.com favourites Eighty Ninety — the musical project of Brooklyn-based brothers Abner (vocals, production) and Harper (guitar, production) James — have shared their new single, “Know Me”. Abner’s voice floats over Harper’s earthy blend of banjo and acoustic guitar as the track builds to a vibrant pop chorus, complete with 808s and stacked ethereal harmonies.

“The song is about loving someone through life’s darker moment and how that kind of love can bring hope, meaning, and maybe even redemption in the face of tragedy” the brothers tell us. “Know Me” stays true to Eighty Ninety’s breezy indie-pop aesthetic while also adding an Americana-inspired flair that feels fresh and new for the band.

Eighty Ninety first catapulted onto the scene in 2016 with their break out single “Three Thirty” which hit No.2 on Spotify’s Global Viral Charts, and was followed by their debut EP “Elizabeth”. Since then, their music has garnered over 22 million streams, been hand-picked by Taylor Swift for her official Spotify playlist Songs Taylor Loves, and been featured in publications like Alternative Press, Billboard, Galore, Ones To Watch and LADYGUNN.

Eighty Ninety’s songs fuse intimate storytelling, sticky melodies, and minimalist pop productions built on acoustic instruments and electronic sounds in a style they call “808s and telecasters” — a shorthand for both their music and their anything-goes mentality in the studio. “We let the emotional arc of the song, rather than any set of genre conventions, lead us to instruments and sounds” the brothers say of their process. We won’t argue with that!

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