FRESH: ‘Nights In Michigan’ – Neuhaus

Neuhaus laments “Nights In Michigan”

Neuhaus is a singer/producer from Wilmette, IL. He has just released his brand new tune, “Nights In Michigan”, the follow up to “Find Me”. Neuhaus told us about the song recently: “After moving away from home, I found it very hard to enjoy the things that once brought me joy. I had just gotten out of a breakup and struggled to let myself enter another relationships. It wasn’t until I met a great group of friend who really showed me there’s much more to Michigan than meets the eye”.

Heady stuff! Then what? “Before I met them I don’t think I could ever see myself with someone else. After meeting all the beautiful people I now call my friends and dealing with all the mixed emotions and anxiety of starting a whole new chapter in my life, I felt it was safe to say I could call Michigan my second home! This song is a homage, and appreciation to the people I’ve met and the memories I’ve made”. And it all comes together in one great song. Chill and enjoy.

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