Nikki Era

FRESH: ‘Heaven’ – Nikki Era

Nikki Era is in “Heaven”

Nikki Era has just released her latest song, “Heaven”. She recently took time out to tell us all about it. So without further ado, I will let Nikki tell you all about it.

“This song is about a moment. The moment you can decide to stay in a relationship and start over or walk away. I think so often we think about being in love or being out of love. I wrote this song about someone who I truly love more than anyone but I felt like they were destroying the life we had together, our “heaven” and I was just watching it all fall apart right in front of me. But again, this is not a break up song. It’s about the in between”.

“It’s the moment that we often overlook for the more intense beginning or end. The tension of the unknown. It’s from my unreleased album, MEGA, which is very 80s and 90s pop-inspired. I wrote every song on the album and called it “MEGA” because at the time I felt like the toxic people around me were trying to make me feel small and shrink. Instead, I grew. “Heaven” is the first single off of “MEGA”. It was produced by me and my two friends, BElllA and BMC (vocals) and mastered at Sterling Sound by Chris Gehringer. We are releasing a video in conjunction with the release on Friday which was creative directed by Mikey Pop and styled by Gabriel Held. I hope you find a little bit of heaven when you hear it. Thanx for your time!”. Thank you Nikki.

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