K Anderson

FRESH: ‘We Made A Human’ – K Anderson

K Anderson claims “We Made A Human”

K Anderson has just released his new single “We Made A Human”, a four-minute mini-soap opera detailing the experience of a closeted man who chooses to marry a woman and settle down. The single is the second from the London-based singer-songwriter’s “Lost Spaces” project – a podcast and song-set about lost queer spaces and the stories of people who found solace and identity there.

His songwriting for the project has been informed by insights gained through conversations held for the podcast, and has seen him interview queer nightlife icons such as Princess Julia and Boogaloo Stu. Over a pulsing electro 80s track the narrator of “We Made A Human” explores his conflicted feelings of ‘excitement and dread’ at the news that he is starting a family, all the while trying to avoid the ‘late nights, and dark bars, and brushed hands’ which give him the outlet and freedom to explore his sexuality.

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