Austin Carr

FRESH: ‘Imaginary Boy’ EP – Austin Carr

Austin Carr releases his debut EP, “Imaginary Boy”

Austin Carr is a indie pop singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. In addition to music, he is also an actor and model with Mavrick Artists Agency. “Imaginary Boy” is his debut EP. The EP includes the standout track, “I’ll Forget U, I Won’t Forget This”. Austin told us recently about the song. “This song was produced by Jessy Covets and written by me”.

“The lyrics try to describe the experience of being in a relationship that is doomed from the start. I wrote the song immediately before a breakup that I had seen coming for months. I wanted to capture that feeling of being addicted to a relationship that looks so obviously poisonous from the outside, but feels so comforting and normal while it’s happening”. Have a listen to Austin and see for yourself…

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