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FRESH: ‘Magnificent’ – Rozalla

Rozalla is “Magnificent”!

Rozalla has had many hit singles in her time. First emerging on the Zimbabwe scene in the 1980’s, having moved there from her homeland, she is unofficially known as ‘The Queen of Rave.’ It was in 1988 that she first arrived in England with a record executive and from there she really hit the big time with club classics like “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)” in 1991. It was a sure-fire hit that sound tracked many nights out around the country and further afield, reaching the top 10 in numerous countries.

Today the track is still a real classic which continues to get people dancing. A debut album soon followed and hit the UK Top 20, and more hits came in the form of “Are You Ready To Fly” and “Faith (In The Power Of Love)”. In the live arena Rozalla is just as special, and she even toured with Michael Jackson during his Dangerous Tour. She also recorded the theme song to the film Carlito’s Way and had more chart success as a result, then tracks like “Baby”, “This Time I Found Love” and “You Never Love The Same Way Twice” kept her in the limelight ahead of a second album in 1995.

One of dance music’s most consistent performers, it is the style and melodic flair of Rozalla’s music that sets her apart. More albums have followed throughout her career. Still recording and performing around the world, Rozalla is a true dance icon. Her new single, “Magnificent”, the follow up to “Turn On The Light“, is written by Charlie Mason and Produced by Matt Pop, and with pop, house and retro remixes, delivers in every way. Big beats, superb vocals and a killer chorus.

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