FRESH: ‘Not A Problem Now’ – Kasaya

Kasaya says there’s “Not A Problem Now”

The world needs 2 things right now: 1) to forget about everything, 2) to get ready to change the world when it’s reborn! The chorus of “Not A Problem Now” is an earworm to put you at ease, “can’t stop it, nothing’s gonna bring me down”. The verses are more thought-provoking, “we need to reject the lies and greed, we need to protect the skies and seas”, and ask the difficult questions about what we’ll all do when this is all over.

This catchy pop bop is Kasaya’s debut song, written in lockdown about lockdown. We’re a synthpop duo – Aidan is a songwriter from Scotland and Per is a Danish producer living in Berlin. Kasaya are a duo for this strange era we’re all living through. Like most people, Aidan (Paisley, Scotland) and Per (Berlin, Germany) are ‘working from home’, making catchy electronic pop music with thought-provoking lyrics and animated visuals for an audience who have had their worlds turned upside down.

Their message is clear – things are bad, but we can all use this as an opportunity to say “NO!” to going back to the way things were. We can slow down, look after ourselves, our communities, and the wider world around us. “We need to reject the lies and greed, we need to protect the skies and seas!”. Kasaya give their listeners a welcome distraction from the doom and gloom through the underrated medium of pop music, while also challenging people’s assumptions about the way the world is and the way it has to be. They want you to join them in being a new enlightened generation, a force for good in a world soon to be reborn.

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