Priya Panda

FRESH: ‘Shook U Off’ – Priya Panda

Priya Panda, “Shook U Off”!

“Shook U Off” was created to inspire people to get out of a bad situation and move on from it. Priya Panda recorded the vocals in her kitchen in LA with Ben Cook (Fucked Up/No Warning/Young Guv) and made a video and really excited to have her very own vintage tinged pop song. The raw, tender pain of an unforeseen breakup. The intense joy of your first and best high. Priya Panda’s music evokes both, lingering like a bittersweet memory that won’t stay buried. Somber, saccharine melodies pour out effortlessly in her debut, delivered with the intimacy and vulnerability of a close confidante.

Raised on Depeche Mode and vintage hard rock, Priya spent her teenage years scouring the record stores dotting her native Toronto. Eventually, she gravitated toward the underground and freestyle pop records lying neglected in dollar bins. Pure bliss, heartbreak in the city juxtaposed against sweet, catchy melodies and an undeniable beat. So began a lifelong love with dark, ’80s provocative pleasure pop like Stacey Q and Vanity. Her first single, “Take Me Back”, channels her unique influences to arrive at something universal and incredibly personal: a sexy, stark and sticky exploration of heartache and yearning in real-time.

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