Car and Driver

FRESH: ‘Heartbreak At The Discotheque’ – Car And Driver

Car and Driver release their EP, “The Dance”

“Heartbreak At The Discotheque” is intended to be a cinematic synth pop take on a real heartbreak. Inspired by the music of the 80’s, this song takes a danceable instrumental and contrasts that with lyrics about love, loss and betrayal. Coming from a folk background, Car and Driver are a singer-songwriter/production duo already with a number of releases to their name.

“Heartbreak At The Discotheque” comes from their latest EP, “The Dance” and follows a number of tracks and 3-track releases all in the space of just five months! The duo debuted with the interestingly named track “Called Your Mom Today (It Was OK)”. “The Dance” features four tracks and I am sure there is more to come from this duo over the coming months.

For more about Car and Driver, check out their BANDCAMP site

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