Lucas Hoang

FRESH: ‘The Good In Me’ – Lucas Hoang

Lucas Hoang is proud of “The Good In Me”

Contemporary pop music with elements of classic gospel, steady beats, and acoustic piano. Add Lucas Hoang’s expressive voice, and you’ve got “The Good In Me”. “The Good In Me” is the fifth single from Lucas Hoang’s upcoming album “Shades Of Blue”. Gospel inspired, it’s the honest spark of hope we all could use when we’re feeling surrounded by uncertainty.

It is yet an example of the versatile musical talent Lucas Hoang brings to the stage. Among the blue notes, he demonstrates the ability to look beyond and express hope and endurance through gospel inspired contemporary pop music. While his previous singles span widely across electronic voice productions, RnB beats and genuine pop songs, Lucas Hoang moves in a slightly new direction on “The Good In Me”.

Staying put in the universe of Shades of Blue, he expresses feelings about uncertainty, love and a dash of hope: “The Good In Me’ comes from a place where hear your inner voice telling you: Hold on! Ask the person you’re in love with to do the same, to see the good in you when all your dark sides surfaces. A place where you hope that the person you love can see the good in you when you can’t see it yourself” says Lucas.

“I wanted to convey a feeling of hope and endurance, and that is why I’ve used elements from gospel on this track. Along with the acoustic piano, this single is more vulnerable, more honest and stripped” he adds. At a point in time, where most of us are living in an uncertain reality, we can lean into “The Good In Me” and find hopeful sing-along phrases, inspirational reflections on love, and ear-catching, soft but steady beats. The Good in Me is produced by Kristian Martinsen with Sara Broberg Jönsson on additional gospel vocal.

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