FRESH: ‘Easier’ – Yulanda Sabrina

FRESH: ‘Easier’ – Yulanda Sabrina

Yulanda Sabrina Speaks For The Generation With ‘Easier’

The entire world is facing uncertainty, and many of us are stuck at home, waiting for positive updates. Yes, we have many more months of not knowing, but on the brighter side, we have the new pop release from Yulanda Sabrina which speaks vividly of the times.

She states that everything will get more comfortable, and she hits the nail on the head. Her vocals resonate across the modern times, and her vocals are sublime on this track. It is the first release to date from Yulanda Sabrina, and it is quite surprising to hear such a firm and solid record from an artist so fresh in their career.

The track kicks off with a calming synth which suits the vibe of the track perfectly. Yulanda then gets underway with a strong vocal performance, and her vocals sit firmly on the hugely likeable synth. It brings a pretty nostalgic vibe to the party, and it is hard not to get sucked into her emotion.

For me, the best tracks in history are the ones which you can feel the singers emotion, and you certainly can get on the singer’s wavelength on ‘Easier’. Her vocals remind me of early Ariana Grande, but they are no way a replica of any other artist in the scene. She is unique and brings sharp flavour to her track. She hits the right notes and sings with massive amounts of courage.

I would like to hear a little more within the rhythm section as it follows a pretty continuous structure throughout. But, it serves its purpose, therefore why change something which works? She does, however, change her vocal delivery at times and she picks up the pace well towards the end.

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