FRESH: ‘Goldenlight’ – future.exboyfriend

future.exboyfriend has a “Goldenlight”

Recorded in a basement studio in Ogden, Utah, future.exboyfriend (Tyler Harris) explores themes of loss, love and solitude through catchy, DIY electro-pop on his new album “Party In A Lonely Head”. Sporting a unique and addictive vocal tone, Harris became recognizable in the local music scene as the lead singer for indie-pop group Mojave Nomads. future.exboyfriend is Harris’s first solo venture, characterized by sweeping synths, contemplative lyrics, and his undeniable, distinguished vocals.

“Party In A Lonely Head” was written while Harris was grappling with his inner dialogue—as a human being and as a musician—after his world crumbled. “Everything was recorded in my basement with very minimal gear” Harris says about his process. “Writing music has always been an escape from reality for me. I really wanted to challenge myself and write, record and mix everything on my own”. Though the album’s 14 tracks are what resulted from his echo chamber, each song is crowd-pleasing and relatable, differentiated throughout with a number of catchy hooks and surprising instrumental nuances. It’s a party for one that’s meant to be shared with others, a necessary and timely sentiment in today’s uncertain, often-lonely times.

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