EVERY UK NUMBER ONE SONG: ‘All or Nothing’ – Small Faces

What was the number one song in the UK on 15th September 1966?

British rock band, the Small Faces, was number one for 1 week with All or Nothing.

All or Nothing is an exceptional rock tune with a very singalong-able chorus. It is however tinged with emotion and sadness. There is a desperation in the vocals and lyrics; and when one remembers how it was played at frontman Steve Marriott’s funeral after his tragic death at 44 in a fire, it becomes even more affecting. What a tune to leave behind as a legacy though.


I thought you’d listen to my reasoning
But now I see, you don’t hear a thing
Try to make you see, how it’s got to be
Yes, it’s all that, all or nothing
Yeah, yeah, all or nothing
Come on, hot there
All or nothing for me
Things could work out
Just like I want them to, yeah
If I could have the other half of you, yeah
You know I would, but I can’t, if I only could
Yes, it’s yeah, all or nothing
Oh yeah, all or nothing
You’ll hear my children say
All or nothing for me
I didn’t tell you no lies, yeah
So don’t just sit there and cry, girl
Yeah, all or nothing
All or nothing, all or nothing
Do you know what I mean, yeah?
You got to, got to, got to keep on trying, yeah
All or nothing, um hum, yeah
All or nothing, to keep on working out for me
All or nothing for me, for me, for me
Come on children, yeah
All or nothing, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
All or nothing, I kept on singing to myself
All or nothing, yeah for me, yeah

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