Thunder Jackson

FRESH: ‘Find Yourself’ – Thunder Jackson

Thunder Jackson requests you “Find Yourself”

Today, LA-based Thunder Jackson releases his new single, “Find Yourself”. The track arrives alongside a stunning neon-lit music video, directed by MTV Music Video Award nominated director Dano Cerney. “Find Yourself” is the long-awaited follow up to Thunder Jackson’s debut single “Guilty Party”. Released in 2017 under a veil of mystery; a frenzy of global press support followed, accumulating millions of streams as a result. Now, Thunder Jackson is ready to tell his story, with the release of “Find Yourself” being an apt first step.

“As humans, we all seek to define our identity. It’s a lifelong journey. Some days we feel we know exactly who we are. Others, we don’t recognise the person in the mirror. And that’s what ‘Find Yourself’ is all about,” says Thunder. “It’s a song for the lost, a song for the found, and a reminder that we are not alone in our struggles to find ourselves”. Growing up in a small town in Oklahoma, Thunder Jackson’s introduction to music came by way of his father – a part-time Elvis impersonator who would play State Fairs and other events.

Thunder was on cape duty from as early as he could remember. He taught himself how to play piano and guitar and by the time he was a pre-teen, his father had gotten him a license to play covers in local bars to keep the locals entertained. After high school, he was broke and restless and without hope, only nineteen years old with a firm belief in one immutable truth: that he had a voice. The plan was simple: make it to LA, play on street corners, let people listen, and something will happen. Unsurprisingly, the universe had an even better plan. Soon after arriving, humming along to a Jeff Buckley tune on the radio, Thunder Jackson sat in the back of a packed cab as it ambled down Hollywood Blvd.

Little did he know, the cab ride would be a watershed moment in his life. As the cab idled and the radio grew louder – he stopped humming and began singing a soulful, yearning, falsetto. By pure accident, the little tune flitted over to the other passenger riding shotgun, Pete Lawrie Winfield, whose ears immediately perked up. He turned around and said: “Do that again”. He did, and Pete replied, “You are coming with me”. Thunder and Pete buried themselves in a basement studio where they melded a voice that can only be described as liquid gold, inspired by greats such as The Police, Hall and Oates, and Peter Gabriel. It was sonic alchemy.

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