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FRESH: Introducing Maria Moss, Cher’s Vocal and Pronunciation Coach on ‘Chiquitita’!

Meet Maria Moss, she’s worked with Cher and now she showcases her new single, “Gold”!

Maria Moss met Cher the day she shot the official video of her new single “Gold”. The artist started working with Cher in November. Maria was preparing “Gold” and Cher was in London because of her European tour. She needed a vocal coach to help her record “Chiquitita” in Spanish. They worked a few days in a studio in London and finished the song online. Maria confesses: “Cher and Mark Taylor are very friendly and work very hard to ensure that the result is optimal. Cher does not know how to speak Spanish and has never recorded or sung anything in this language. I am very happy with the results and I admire her very much”.

Maria also recorded some of the song’s backing vocals. She told us: “Since I was very little, Cher and her producer Mark Taylor have been my idols. So when I had the opportunity to work with them, I didn’t think twice. We got along very well from the first moment”. “I had to shoot the official video of ‘Gold’ because everything was set up. I decided to shoot it during the day because the sessions would be in the evening. The time of the first session suddenly changed and I had to go to the recording studio covered in gold to not be late. Cher liked my look (laughs)”.

“I had a great time. She always listened patiently and always tried her best. When she did it right, we high-fived and laughed. You can hear our laughter at the end of the song. We finished the song online. I had a little more time since the lockdown, as many concerts, festivals, and recording and composition sessions have been canceled. I hope that both ‘Chiquitita’ and ‘Gold’ help brighten people’s days”, Maria adds.

“Gold” – the new single

Maria Moss wrote this song while struggling with anxiety. She moved back to her hometown called Tarragona for a few weeks to see it with another perspective. She wrote this song to give positive energy and strength and empower people. “I wanted to be transparent and honest, opening up about my struggles. I wanted to spread awareness and help others to fight their battles. In the world we live in, where there seems to be competition on social media Let’s see who is happier, it is important to be honest with yourself. Nothing happens if one admits that he is not well and seeks help”.

“Gold” is the first single of a series of songs co-produced by Jamie Sellers (platinum-selling songwriter and record producer) and mastered by Pete Maher (Katy Perry, The Rolling Stones, Kelly Clarkson, U2).​ Maria has been singing since she was three. At the age of 14, she won ¨The English Key¨ prize singing “When You Believe” by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston on Cantamania, a Catalan TV programme (Salou,TV3).​

Since 2015, Maria has been writing, performing, and developing her sound, lighting up industry interest (X-Factor, Universal Music Group, AEG Presents, OML, etc). She has played a number of international performances in Spain, the UK, and the USA (LA, Chicago, and New York) and has played in legendary venues such as O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, The Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club, Proud Camden and Cargo to name a few. She has had media and radio coverage in Spain, the UK, and Mexico. Radio stations like BBC, BBC Introducing, and La Cadena SER; newspapers like El País, and El diari de Tarragona, and TV programmes like ‘Late Motiv’ by Andreu Buenafuente on Movistar+ and ‘Tot es mou’ on TV3, are a few examples.​

For more about Maria, check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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