FRESH: ‘Radiant Blindness’ – Dinah

Dinah has “Radiant Blindness”

This voice in our heads keeps going on about what we need and much more, and what we cannot live without. Every day pictures and advertisements hit us, leading us to misguided impressions of what we should own and what we should look like, just to fitin. Doesn’t this make us the victim of a consumer society? We are being seduced and infatuated, making us consumer-sick.

How long can we keep sustaining this, while putting ourselves under emotional pressure, while we are destroying our environment at the same time with trash? With “Radiant Blindness”, Dinah is looking in a mirror to remind us and herself not to be subdued by these restraints and ill-guided concepts.

Dinah takes her listener on a journey. The lyrics, the worlds of sound and picture take you on a road trip. Her energetic music captures your imagination, you want to let go and lose yourself in her sound. To Dinah, her music serves to underscore and transpose emotion, stories and fantasies. The lyrics as a narrative intensify through the sound, harmony and rhythm.

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